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Resin Geode Wall Art, Crystal Geode Decor

Resin Geode Wall Art, Crystal Geode Decor

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This piece stands out with a very high shine from the embedded crystals and gold elements. White, Cappuccino and Gold are the colors used. Gold glitter stripes highlight the shine along with the metallic gold pigments. A natural agate in the same cappuccino color is embedded.
You will receive this exact piece, it is in stock and ready to ship so client do not have to wait for custom order to be made.
This piece will look great in any area and will flatter any wall, counter, cabinet decoration.

Width: 9, 80 inch (25 cm)
Length: 11, 80 inch (30 cm)

Clean dust off this artwork using a soft cloth - microfiber is preferred so as not to scratch the surface dry or with a gentle window cleaner or water.
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